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Interim Management

Interim management is the temporary provision of management resources and skills. That’s how Wikipedia defines it in short.

Strategy & Operations

Askfred provides advice in specific areas such as general management, marketing management or business strategy.


Askfred helps drive transformation, improve productivity and streamline business operations. Our practical experience with innovative solutions help our clients to set measurable goals.

We are keen to listen to your challenges in business management, transformation and innovation.


Latest News

  • How to record video with an external microphone on a Samsung S9+

    I recently had to record a quick testimonial video and got a good Rode VideoMicro at my disposal. It also had a nice cable and worked perfectly on an iPhone, great combination, good results, I could see from previous work. But I have no iPhone. I have to admit I never bought an iPhone before,

  • GDPR awareness video

    GDPR is almost there, time to take action GDPR is short for “General Data Protection Regulation”, you must by now heard of it. If you haven’t please watch the video below, it will explain all you need to know. Data is finally taken a bit more seriously by the EU, so make sure you are ready by May

  • Getting asset management done with ResourceSpace

    I worked some years in companies that created lots of multimedia assets, like animations, videos, training material. Those companies are still in business, some of them were doing this for years – before I even arrived. And I was – and still am – very proud that I worked there, it gives me a boost to

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