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Frederik is a person you can count on. If he promised something, he will deliver it. Hard worker and dedicated to his employer, Frederik developed the Allaire activities quicker than expected on the Belux Market.

Jean-Yves Beaulieu
Regional Sales Manager, Allaire
About askfred interim management and business consultancy services

Want to know more about askfred?

Askfred offers interim management & consultancy services, helps teams and companies move ahead and bring results in marketing and business management.


The team brings a solid +20 years of marketing and business management experience in various sectors – like FMCG, OTC, healthcare, scale-ups and the technology industry – to the table.

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About also means some history...

  • 2024


    As marketing is taking a lot of our time and effort, we have decided to put those activities under its own brand, markov.
    Nathalie spearheads markov and is the main person to go to when you look for a CMO-as-a service.

  • 2022

    Onto new tracks

    Serving a new customer (BICS) in a domain that brings back memories to the college time. Has to do with state of the art tech, new stuff - can't say what exactly - but it keeps Frederik really on his toes. Also means having to say goodbye to a team of great specialists at Poppr. The world of AR, VR, 3D and 360° content was great and fun, and deciding to leave was not easy. We even got a city trip to Paris as a thank you gift, which was a real unexpected and great surprise.

  • 2021

    Keep buggerin' on

    Both Nathalie and Frederik kept guiding teams and complete companies - a challenging period has never stopped us from having a razor-sharp focus, and keep the "can-do" mentality as a strong belief. Being adaptive to change sometimes means to keep doing what you were doing, hence the KBO quote for 2021.

  • 2020

    Reality and being flexible

    There is lot said and written about 2020 and how it is a not so normal year. Askfred has both start-up type and enterprise type customers, everyone was confronted with an urgent need to find quick adaptations to a strange reality. The customers relied on the expertise and experience of both Nathalie and Frederik to guide teams and complete companies through this remarkable year and challenging period.

  • 2019

    Next steps and moving fast-forward

    The next steps are clear, askfred keeps its focus on interim management services. Goal is to look for an extra team member that can help bring added value, a person that has the will and hands-on experience to build the next steps of the company. If you think you're the person askfred should invest in, get in touch.

  • 2018

    Getting back up its feet

    That's a phrase to take word for word, it took some time to get back up & running. And it's thanks to loyal customers that askfred is back on track, continuing where the story halted so abruptly in January 2017. So 2018 was a year of picking up the parts and moving on, forgetting about 2017.

    It is also the year where Nathalie realizes she has to explain the company name. "Ask who? Fred?"

    Always a laugh when people hear the whole story.

    So that's why we decided keep the name: there's a story behind it.

  • 2017

    Reality check, bouncing back, and upwards we go!

    As a company, you always have a plan (you should!). But sometimes reality kicks in: A stupid accident changed plans, and 2017 was a year dedicated to get back on our feet. Luckily, Nathalie joined the company by end of October. Now askfred has a team that offers interim management services, with a clear focus on marketing and business management.

  • 2015

    It's all in the name

    This was the year when Frederik Van Hecke started askfred.

    Having no real idea how call the company, Nathalie was asked for input. She said: "People always come to you for advice when they're stuck. And they always say "Ask Fred". There you have your company name".

    The plan was to keep the company small, so the name could not be better. And askfred was a fact.

    Back in June 2015 there actually was a call to get onboard a cool small 'business' idea, help getting things done at Moovly.