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How to remove the Plex subvolume from your Synology NAS

How to remove the plex subvolume from your Synology NAS

How to remove the Plex subvolume from your Synology NAS

First of all, Synology has a great set of tools both hard- and software wise. And their post-sale customer service that is above excellent. I recently relied on them and they went all the way (in fact, they proposed an RMA just because the unit was causing too much hassle).

Anyway.  Back to the drawing board. This is an article for people knowing their way around Linux, and who like to keep things clean.

So, you have Plex on your Synology NAS. And you want to get rid of the repository Plex.
That is a folder if you want that resides under /volume1 and is not that easy to get rid of 
- no "rm -rf" will not do - How's that?

Here's how to remove your Plex subvolume from your Synology NAS:

It is all about using a terminal and get into your NAS. 
Things like Putty and Bitvise should ring a bell before you start.

To set up your terminal access in your Synology NAS, check these screens:

How to activate SSH in your Synology NAS:

In "control panel", find "terminal and SNMP.

how to activate ssh on your Synology NAS

Second, activate the SSH option.

Activate SSH on your Synology NAS

That's the hardest part: finding the checkbox to activate SSH.
Check if your Synology user has sufficient credentials to use SSH.

Now comes the hardest part.

*** Warning: Make sure you know what you are doing - this can result in data loss.***
This is not for the faint of heart.

So, this is how you get your hands on the Plex subvolume on your Synology NAS

  • SSH into your nas (Control panel, check Terminal).
    Use a tool like Putty or Bitvise to facilitate life if you want.
  • Once you're logged in with your admin user, you're not root yet.
    Make sure you sudo -i to get root privileges.
  • Check where you are
    pwd (print working directory).
  • Head over to /volume1, and you'll find the Plex subvolume there. 
  • To remove the Plex subvolume this did the trick:
    btrfs subvolume delete Plex

I would advise against newbie users to dive into Linux systems without really knowing what you're doing.
You can lose all your data - Be warned !!!


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