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Business consultancy

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  • "...Nathalie was responsible for managing brands with a long history as well as launching a completely new brand. Thanks to her dedication, analytical skills and punctuality in project/process management she achieved great results. Her strategies were always based on strong fundamentals with the right level of detail. She always safeguarded the perfect execution and implementation in the different markets while building a very good collaboration with the local marketeers. Because of her honesty, in depth knowledge of markets and categories and her professionalism, she quickly gained their trust which enabled her to develop and maintain strong relationships..."

    Stefan Balemans Head of Global Marketing
  • "... at Omega Pharma, Nathalie was my line manager. Nathalie is extremely dedicated, and her passion for what she does is inspiring. I appreciate the time we spend working together, she helped me develop and transition from a technical and scientifically profile to a marketing, business one..."

    Gustavo Ortiz Global Brand Manager
  • Frederik is a real people manager. He knows how to motivate the team and challenges us to never stop questioning ourselves. He brings out the best in people and then makes them realize they can be even better. He has managed me to a level I never knew I could reach.

    Steven Peeters Adobe Certified Instructor / Consultant
  • Frederik is a person you can count on. If he promised something, he will deliver it. Hard worker and dedicated to his employer, Frederik developed the Allaire activities quicker than expected on the Belux Market.

    Jean-Yves Beaulieu Regional Sales Manager

Askfred consultancy services in general management, marketing and business management



A consultant is a professional who provides advice in a specific area such as management, marketing or human resources or any of many other professional field.
Askfred has a focus on management consulting: The practice of helping organizations to improve their performance, operating primarily through the analysis of existing organizational problems and the development of plans for improvement. (Source: Wikipedia)

Askfred has a lot of management experience in digital areas (scale-ups) and international marketing, these two area's form the core of the expertise.

Some of our customers include:

  • Vercaro
  • Hashting
  • Instruxion
  • Pietercil Delby's

Strategic & tactical planning

Askfred's consultancy services will help you to:
  • Clearly define your company mission and vision
  • Attract and retain quality, high-paying customers
  • Discover, define and plan your marketing strategy
  • Bring leadership skills to your team
  • Fine-tune business processes in marketing and sales

Take your business plan to a next step

  • Strategy Development
    Understand your target market’s dynamics. Investigating and identifying crucial options to success, selecting the most promising ones and deciding how resources will be allocated across the organization to achieve the objectives, are key components of strategy development.
  • Strategic Plan Development
    A strategic plan formulates where an organisation is going and gives a clear view on the actions needed to make progress; the plan also clearly defines how the organization will know if it is successful.
  • Strategic Plan Execution Management
    Good strategy is the antidote to competition. Strategic plan execution management is the process of keeping a focus on the right priorities, collecting and analyzing the right data to get insights and evaluate the progress.

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